Night Time Skin Care Routine


What’s up, I’m Rihanna. Hey. Hey, I’m Rihanna. Hey, I’m Rihanna. And I want you to go to bed with me. Tonight I’m gonna be showing you my nighttime skincare routine.

So the first step is obviously getting all of this makeup off and cleansing my skin. Good news is, our Total Cleanser is a two in one, is a makeup remover and a cleanser. So whether you have makeup on or not, it can remove just dirt and oil or break all of the makeup down and remove it in one step, and I’m gonna show you that right now.

Also, I’m always in a hurry. So see that? Quick. You don’t have to screw it all the way off and put it all the way back on or leave it open and messy and get dry, and you know, all the good stuff.

I’m just gonna use that much. Usually if I’m not wearing makeup, I’ll try to wet my face first and then start my routine, lathering it down. But since I have makeup on, we’ll lather it in my hands so that I can start breaking it down with my hands in a circular motion.

So say goodbye to my pretty makeup, but who needs to makeup for bed? Not people with good skin, I’ll tell you that much. So usually I like to go around the edges before my eyes, but I go a little too excited.

Now I’m gonna rinse this off. (water running) So this is me, one wash. I usually only do one wash, because you only need one. And my skin feels really supple and really soft, because as I was cleansing, our Total cleanser adds nutrients right back into your skin, so you don’t get that dry, stripy feeling.


You know, I’ve used cleansers in the past where I was afraid to even smile, because I think I thought my face would crack. Not here, not up in here! Some of the best tips that I’ve gotten for skincare and of course practiced, hydration.

So whether it’s drinking a lot of water or I travel a lot, so my skin gets dry on the plane. I need to stay hydrated, so I use our Fenty Beauty Hydrating Mist, it’s a makeup refreshing mist, but it also doubles as a hydrating mist and it leaves a lot of hydration on my skin and in my skin throughout flight, so I stick with hydration, but also a healthy diet.

People from the best, most exotic islands with the access to the most, I mean the best ingredients and stuff like that, the best environment and climate and humidity, their skin is beautiful. And I try to implement a lot of those ingredients into my skincare line as well.

One of them being very personal to me, which is the Barbados Cherry, I call it Bajan Cherry. Name it Bajan Cherry. That ingredient is packed with a lot of Vitamin C more vitamin C than a whole orange, so imagine what that does for your beautiful skin.

Step two, one of my favorite products from Fenty Skin, it’s our Fat Water, which is a toner, but it’s two in one product. The Fat Water is a toner, it’s also a serum. So I called it Fat Water because unlike most toners, this one just sits in your hand like that.

So by now, most of my time toners would have already ran through my fingers. And it forces you to kind of use like cotton pads and stuff like that. This one you really could just put it right in your hand, you break it into your skin.

What I love the most about this toner is the fact that it does not strip away your skin. It leaves moisture in your skin and it adds moisture to your skin. And you’re gonna see that when it dries down and of course what toner is really, really made for, is refining and reducing pores, my favorite because the smaller the pores, the younger you look.

And at 32, I’d like to keep them tight, you know what am I sayin’? What pores? We’ve already broken down the makeup with, by the way, no makeup wipes, check that. And we’ve put the toner on, it’s drying down, no cotton pads.

So we’re saving the Earth, and I want you to know that Fenty Skin is a clean brand. It’s vegan, it’s gluten free, and it’s very Earth conscious. I used to use a lot of makeup wipes, a lot, and I didn’t really realize what that was doing to the planet.

And so I think it’s kind of a wrap for makeup wipes, and that brings me into to our third step, which is a product that I’m really, really proud of because I come from the islands and I grew up around coral reefs and our Fenty Skin moisturizer has an added sunscreen, SPF 30, so it’s also a two in one.

You have a moisturizer and skin protector from all the UV rays with our SPF. And our SPF is coral reef friendly, get that. So another big thing about SPF moisturizers and sunscreen in general is that usually leaves this really white cast and a horrible, horrible smell, like it’s there, it stays there all day, that was really important for me.

But I also want all women of all skin tones and all colors to be able to use this moisturizer without that gray, white cast being left behind. So as you can see, it’s already starting to like disappear on my hand and I just like, it feels so good that you just wanna leave your hands there, just like this.


For me, the product I was splurge on the most is moisturizer, anything to do with moisture, whether is face or body. I think adding good moisture to your skin and having something that you know is effective and works, super important for everyone, every skin type, every skin tone.

So this is me before I’m going to bed at night, but of course this is my exact routine in the morning. So whether you’re just leaving your skin bare for the day, or you’re about to put makeup on, these products are specifically made, made to marry with makeup.

So I could put makeup on right over this and it will just be perfect. It does not streak, it does not get oily, it’s perfect. And that’s my nighttime skincare routine y’all, you’re welcome.

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